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Debugging Using RealView ICE

This page intends to provide basic guidelines to debug the Jasmine OpenSSD platform using the RealView ICE debugger. This manual is a translation from the Korean version included in the FTL Developer's Guide. We assume the required software and hardware has been correctly installed and licensed. .


  1. In order to do a line-by-line debugging the original firmware source file is required.
  2. Open the compilation configuration file ./build_rvds/armcc_opt.via and modify the following options
    -O3 // Modify to -O1
    -Otime // Erase
  3. Open RealView Debugger and connect to device
  4. From the menu click "Target"->"Load Image" and browse for the image
  5. Click "Open"
  6. Add the ./ script and Run

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