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I had a problem regarding the NAND flash memory module. I am using the Cosmos board with a 128GB NAND module from Hynix. While I was doing various experiments on the board I started noticing that the data I was writing could not be retained

For example I would write specific data patterns and then I could not read them back. Also when partitioning I would write the partition table to the flash but then it would be unreadable and corrupted

Recently I downloaded the new version of the "Greedy" FTL firmware and I noticed that the code that detected bad blocks was modified (along with other changes). A large portion (3/4) of my memory was marked as bad. After a couple more usages the whole memory was marked as bad:
[ ssd gc map initialized. ]
[ Initialization is completed. ]
[ Bad block size : 131072MB. ]
[ Storage size : -34MB. ]

I know that flash memory degrades as it is erased but I have only used the flash module for a couple of months and I cannot see how I could have exceeded the P/E (programs per erase) lifetime of the flash module.

Do you think something else might be wrong? What should I do? Do you know the exact P/E for the 128GB flash module that is provided with the COSMOS board?

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