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I'm looking for a suitable solution to provide in-camera storage for project.
The project is building an open source cinematic camera.
The camera they are currently working upon is their second iteration named Axiom Beta.

Axiom Beta is being being built around a Zinq 7000 family chip on a Zedboard.
Therefore it might be possible to run VHDL code developed for Cosmos on Axiom Beta.

That would allow Axiom to use NAND modules developed for Cosmos as internal storage.
Would you guys be able to comment on the current status of FPGA work on Cosmos?

I appreciate it's a little early now but if you've got things working
would it perhaps be possible to allow Apertus guys to have a look?

Hardware decisions on Axiom Beta need to be made soon (including how the camera body is going to be designed and how much space can be left inside for smth like this)

Therefore it would be very helpful to know what is and what is not likely going to be possible.

a supporter of Apertus project

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