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I had a problem regarding the NAND flash memory module. I am using the Cosmos board with a 128GB NAND module from Hynix. While I was doing various experiments on the board I started noticing that the data I was writing could not be retained

For example I would write specific data patterns and then I could not read them back. Also when partitioning I would write the partition table to the flash but then it would be unreadable and corrupted

Recently I downloaded the new version of the "Greedy" FTL firmware and I noticed that the code that detected bad blocks was modified (along with other changes). A large portion (3/4) of my memory was marked as bad. After a couple more usages the whole memory was marked as bad:
[ ssd gc map initialized. ]
[ Initialization is completed. ]
[ Bad block size : 131072MB. ]
[ Storage size : -34MB. ]

I know that flash memory degrades as it is erased but I have only used the flash module for a couple of months and I cannot see how I could have exceeded the P/E (programs per erase) lifetime of the flash module.

Do you think something else might be wrong? What should I do? Do you know the exact P/E for the 128GB flash module that is provided with the COSMOS board?

Clicked A Few Times
Threads 4
Posts 9
Apparently you have to reconfigure the FPGA before re-running the same or modified FTL code. Otherwise the board has weird behavior that may result for the READ operation to malfunction (or at least that what it seems so). Thus the blocks seem to be "damaged"

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