Firmware hangs when trying to check bad blocks

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I'm following the "Demo Guide v1.0" in setting up the Cosmos board. I have successfully programmed the FPGA, but there is a problem with running the firmware. After setting up the board and turning on the host, the board stops after displaying the following messages:

[ ssd NAND device reset complete. ]
[ ssd page map initialized. ]

After some debugging, I've found that the call to CheckBadBlock() never gets returned. Digging deeper, I've found that the firmware is stuck at WaitWayFree() function.

Could anyone give some insight as to what might be the problem? Thanks.

For reference, here is our system setup:

Host OS: Ubuntu 12.04 with 3.2.0 kernel
FTL: Greedy FTL v.1.2.0
EDK project: v1.1.0

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Your problem occurs when the flash module has not been fitted properly on the Cosmos board.
Please, check whether the flash module has been connected to J1 of the Cosmos board or is fixed properly.

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