Cosmos OpenSSD NVMe RAM Disk v0.01 released

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The Cosmos OpenSSD NVMe RAM Disk v0.01 has been released as of October 2, 2015.

Please go to Cosmos OpenSSD source distribution: MCS link.

Cosmos OpenSSD NVMe RAM Disk v0.01 (October 2, 2015)

Features: RAM disk size is 256MB
Features: Compatible with NVMe v1.1/1.2
Features: Supports admin submission queue and completion queue
Features: Supports 8 IO submission queues and 8 IO completion queues - 256 depths
Features: Supports 8 PCIe interrup vectors - MSI mode
Features: Using internal NVMe command queue - 128 depths
Features: Supports all mandatory admin/IO command set - can be extended by firmware
Features: Supports 512B and 4KB sector sizes
Features: Supports PRP for data transfer and out-of-order data transfer in PRP list
Features: Supports 1 namespace - can be extended by firmware
Features: Supports x86/x64 Linux with standard driver - Ubuntu 14.04
Features: Supports x86/x64 Windows 7/8/8.1/10 with Microsoft standard driver
Known Issues: Not stables on Linux (device rejected problem)
Known Issues: Not supports SGL, MSI-X, virtualization and sharing
Known Issues: Intel 9 series mainboard BIOS does not enable PCIe master feature of device
Known Issues: Problem with UEFI
Known Issues: IOPS performance drop with 1 thread (Iometer worker) in Windows
Known Issues: IOPS limit - 310K
Known Issues: Fluntuation of IO response time

Features: Using PCIe Gen 2.0 x 8 lanes for host interface
Features: Supports up to 63GB host memory - can be extended
Features: AXI4 master interface for data transfer - 64-bit, 250 Mhz
Known Issues: Initial configuration fail at PCIe training stage
Known Issues: PCIe lane width and gen speed drop at running
Known Issues: Problem with primary PCIe slot (initial fail, lane width problem)
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