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Hello dear team!

I am currently trying to generate the bitstream from the EDK project that you made available for this purpose:

Almost at the end I get the following error that has been already posted in Xilinx forum:

In short:
PAR done!
ERROR:Xflow - par: The pipe has been ended.
ERROR:Xflow:42 - Aborting flow execution... 

A probable cause would be a corrupted project. Can it be that the EDK you made available might have meanwhile some issues? If so, can you provide me the files?
I must add that I already tried
Project > Clean all generated files

I would be grateful for any hint!

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Just Got Here
Threads 2
Posts 3
Hi all,

I fixed the issue.
If anyone encounters this:
1. check if your drivers (Windows 7) are up to date - probably this was my issue
2. download EDK project again
3. in case you are running Xilinx ISE Design on a VM, make sure you have enough RAM


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